Feedlot Guidelines

Elk Valley Ranches will custom feed customers bison under the following policies:

1: Elk Valley Ranches will charge on a rate of gain basis.  All animals will be weighted at entry to the feedlot and again when they exit.  The client will be billed on a monthly basis using estimated gains of 1.5lbs/day for bulls and 1.2 lbs/day for heifers.  When the animals exit the feedlot the actual gain will be calculated and discrepancies corrected.  Payment on all bills due in 30 days.  Overdue accounts are subject to a 2% interest/month charge.

2: All medicines, vaccines and vet fees will be charged to the client at cost.  Elk Valley Ranches will not charge for a chute charge while bison are processed at entry but a $10/head chute charge will be billed if medicine needs to be administred to a sick bison.  The client will be billed a $10/head charge when bison leave the feedlot.

3: After processing clients bison at entry, Elk Valley Ranches will supply all tag numbers, sex and individual weights to the client.

4: Elk Valley Ranches will do everything in their power to keep the clients animals healthy, however death loss is the responsibility of the client. We claim no liability for animals that die.

5: The cost of gain charge may vary as the price of feed changes.  Elk Valley Ranches will give a one month notice before changing the rate. For current rates, please contact Frank McAllister via the contacts page.