Elk Valley Ranches: Producing bison that turn grass to cash. We select breeding stock from high gainers on a -GRASS- based diet.  We are NOT selecting from feedlot calves or heavyly pushed animals. Our male and female breeding stock WILL perform on grass. We found that woods-plains crosses add both length and girth to each line and attain an excelent daily gain rate.  Animals that dont make the breeding program are put into the feedlot, and the daily gains average about 2.2lbs/day when put into the feedlot for finishing. Some of our top gainers clear 3lbs/day gain!

Checkout our herdsire page for a list of our yearling breeding bulls for sale.

ELk Valley Ranches Is now DNA testing our herd sire bulls so if you would like a bull from a specific blood line we can gaurentee that is exactly what youll get.

So if you see a bull you like and would like to question us or purchase his son feel free to contant or email for more information.